Baby Quilts

Two of my goals for 2011 were to make quilts for my niece and nephew, who were born on March 3 (and are beautiful – everyone’s doing well). I am pleased to announce that I finished both quilts mere hours after they made their arrival:

Baby quilt, exquisite pattern

His quilt

baby quilt, exquisite pattern

Her quilt

They were both made using the Exquisite block (from Better Homes and Gardens 501 Quilt Blocks), machine pieced, hand tied, backed in flannel. I always tie my baby quilts because I feel like it makes a softer quilt than machine quilting, and it’s doesn’t take as long as hand quilting. Besides, I’m really bad at machine quilting.

These quilts came together really fast, and I’m pleased with the results. They’re far from perfect, but these are utility quilts – they’re made to be used, not put away in a box or hung on the wall. My hope is that they’ll be completely worn out by the time the babies turn 10. Though my 10-year-old still sleeps with the baby quilt I made her, and it’s still holding up, so they might last longer.


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