Getting ready to go

Ah, the ritual of getting ready to travel. Do I have my toothbrush? Medications? Are all my toiletries in a clear bag that is easily accessible without having to open the main suitcase? Are all my electronics easily accessible without having to open the main case? Did I remember socks and underwear? Which shoes should I take? My mother’s voice is echoing in my head loud and clear. Oh, wait. She’s coming with me. That really is her voice repeating the same litany over her own luggage.

Away to Houston, prepared to be blown away by the hard work and creativity of the people there. I’m excited to go, but the beginning of any trip always has me wondering if it’ll be worth the hassle of packing, flying, missing work, getting behind on house stuff, and being away from all the projects I want to work on.

This trip is one of few I’ve taken without the Bear, and the first time I’ll be in Texas. It definitely feels like a stretch out of my comfort zone, which is one of the reasons for doing it. That, and going to the Houston show has been on my bucket list for quite a while now. Mom’s not getting younger, and I want to go while she’s in good health and spirits. We have plans for travel next fall, and the future gets murkier the further out you try to see, so this fall is the year for Houston. I’ve been planning the trip since July, and it feels strange now that the day to go has arrived.


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