Last year, I took a class in needle-turn appliqué. Next to me was a woman for whom the fabric tucked perfectly, whose stitches were tiny and even – beautiful work. She had never attempted to appliqué before, and if memory serves, had never done any hand piecing or quilting, either.

That’s talent.

Meanwhile, my attempts had jags, puckers, uneven stitches. Sigh. Even though I’ve tried appliqué in the past, even though I’ve been hand-piecing, embroidering, and hand-quilting for years – I struggled in the class. I just don’t have a talent for it.

That’s okay.

I’m still fascinated with the technique, and the next quilt I’m planning to make will have some hand appliqué work. Not having the talent just means that the project will go slower and may not turn out as perfectly as if someone with talent were doing it. I’m okay with that. Imperfect is better than not done.


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