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Thinking about blogging today, and realizing that I’m thinking of this like an on-line journal of sorts. Which is really not how I want to do this.The blogs I most enjoy and read regularly tend to have some sort of focus (listed in no particular order):

Most of them do have a strong “this is what works for me, you might want to try it” sort of vibe. Most of them post at least twice a week (exceptions are MMM and Newport). Several of them also look into research behind the things they have tried, or that further their knowledge of their main topic. But they all seem to have started with a basic idea of what they want to accomplish, something specific┬áthe author wants to say.

At this point, the only reason I have for blogging is to get some of my ideas out of my head and into the wide world. I have no expectation that anything I write here will be read by many folks at all – I just want to feed the universe. You know what I mean. If thoughts and ideas are energy, I want for my energies to go further than my physical journal can go. Put the thoughts out there and see if they roost anywhere else. My work here might be invisible, but I like to think that somehow there’s a cosmic scale that I might help tip.

Maybe eventually, if I keep at this long enough and write enough, some sort of overarching theme will emerge. But right now, I think I’ll go with another bit of advice that came through on one of Ferriss’ podcasts and write about something if I think about it 3 times in a given week. Let’s see how that goes.


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