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Never build (or buy) something if you’re not going to maintain it.

Don’t build (or buy) something that cannot be maintained.

This, of course, does not apply to consumables. It’s impossible to maintain a cake for long.

Here’s the hard part: Are you sure that what you’re about to build (or buy) can be maintained?


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Trying to get pregnant? Sniff a baby.

This is one of my crazy ideas. I have no scientific proof to back this up, and I have done no literature review. But here it is anyway, another crazy idea thrown out to the universe.

Most of us know, or have heard stories of an infertile woman who turned to IVF or adoption, and then unexpectedly got pregnant soon after bringing home her “non-traditional” baby. A lot of people shrug and say that she could’ve just waited a little while longer before going through all that, but I think there’s something else going on.

I think there’s a phermone produced by babies and/or new mothers that can signal to women when it’s safe to conceive. Without that phermone, some women’s bodies won’t be fertile – their bodies just won’t waste the energy to make a baby that may not survive. Now, I don’t think this applies to all, or even most women – but I do think it could explain some infertility.

During times of disease and famine babies, pregnant women and new mothers are typically the first ones to die. Women who do not conceive during adverse conditions have a better chance of surviving to deliver healthy babies than women who conceive during times of stress. The best proof that it’s safe to have a baby is to be surrounded by healthy babies and mothers. So it makes sense to me that there is some sort of biological signal – probably a phermone – given off by babies or mothers that can inhibit or trigger some women’s fertility.

Today, many women have minimal exposure to babies, young children or lactating mothers until they have a baby of their own. Without that exposure, they won’t get the dose of phermone needed for their bodies to be fertile, so they turn to other measures such as in-vitro fertilization or adoption. Once an infertile woman gets a baby, not only is she exposed to whatever signal that child gives off, she starts going places and doing things that involve other babies and mothers and are exposed to all the cues that they produce. If my hypothesis is correct, they couldn’t but help but conceive more easily.

So, if you’re a woman experiencing infertility and your doctor can see no physical reason behind it, try going out of your way to spend lots of time around healthy children and their moms. Get to know a few moms and spend some time physically with them and their babies. Hold babies and sniff their baby smell (that’s another piece of evidence that it’s a phermone – most people love sniffing babies). And do it several times a week. It sure can’t hurt, and maybe, just maybe, it’ll help.

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